Monday, October 10, 2011

Winston at 14 years old

Winston is my first whippet. He came to live with me May 25, 1997, a birthday gift from an ex girl friend. I loved picking him out, I sat on the floor, covered immediately with baby whippets!!! He pushed his way to the front, came up and laid down on me. I moved away from all the pups and he came back, pushing everyone else away and laid down.......I guess he was mine. He slept on the floor right next to me. He was so small, he could fit in my shirt pocket. Winston was very happy and trained quite easily. Fast forward to a bit over a year later, Winston in his crate in the back seat, my rabbit Tahoe in her crate in the front seat, all my clothes, stereo, computer and misc things that were not in storage and we began our trip from San Francisco to North Carolina. What a ride!! We stayed in Super 8 motels as they take dogs. I never told them about the bunny! It took us 4 long days. Now here we are 13 years later - I am a North Carolinian, a Dukie and content and happy. Winston is getting old and deaf and cranky, he is stiff and sometimes, more often lately, confused and stops and stares. Then there are times he can hear me open a bag of chips.....he will come flying out of the bedroom, like a spry little pup! I know his days are coming to an end. I also know I have given him a good, safe life but it is nothing compared to the gifts he has given me everyday of his life. Photobucket

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