Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thought I would post a poem or two of mine. Never sure if anyone actually reads my blog but here goes:

If you had known me when I was younger
Saw the light in my eye,
Walked with me on the beach,
skipped a rock 5 times
maybe you would love me now.

If you had sat on the porch
Watched a firefly drift to the pine top
Accepted the warmth of the dark night
Moved close to hear the quiet
Maybe you would love me now.

If you had tried to hold what remained, the skeleton of a prior me
Watched the lifeblood drain away
Felt the barricades being erected
Bloodied your knuckles in attempted demolition
Maybe you would love me now.

Maybe the confusion over visible behavior
Stubborn masking fear,
Fear guarding abandonment
Would be clearer, would make sense
If you knew me when I was younger.

If you knew me when I was younger,
When the present fear was replaced by trust.
When my soul was forgiving,
With regular childhood scars,
Would you have loved me?

If you had loved me when I was younger,
will you love me now?
tk 2005


  1. Thank you for sharing. Very moving.

  2. Thanks Vicky-I write a lot and friends have been encouraging to put writing out thanks so much for reading it.