Sunday, February 3, 2013

So here I sit, it is Super Bowl Sunday. Not going to a party, but having a party with me and my pups. Again, things have changed here in the Kruger household.  Winston, my 14 year old whippet went to the bridge one year ago last Friday, Feb. 1, 2012.  He was getting more and more confused, his bones were getting heavy and he was just not my boy.  So once again, my vet came to the house and helped make his journey to the bridge easier.  The house was so lonely, so empty with just 3 whippets left.

We moped around the house and it just felt empty.  Winston had been with me since May 25, 1987 when I lived in California, he made the trip out here to North Carolina with me.  Winston, my rabbit Tahoe, and I drove with my car packed with a computer, clothes, dog and rabbit things and music.  It took us 5 days and it was pretty ok.  Winston had been through so much with me - girl friends, then no girl friends.  Moving to houses, apartments and finally to our own house in May, 2004.  He went through numerous knee surgeries and 3 shoulder surgeries, always making sitting by me while I recovered.  I still miss him every single day.

Again, things work out like they are supposed to work out.  I've always wanted a puppy from Sharyn Hutchens at Timbreblue Whippets in VA.  As my luck would have it, someone decided not to take the puppy they had reserved.  So I got the call!  The theme for this litter was Paris in Winter.  The pup that luckily joined our family is Timbreblue Pierre de Lune.

He has been a joy, a rascal and a snuggle bug and has fit in wonderfully with the other dogs.
Sometimes Pierre is way too smart for his puppy britches!  He was the smartest in puppy class, learned the tasks easily and had a blast.
Here is Pierre in October at the annual Timbreblue puppy Reunion!! We had a blast!!

So our family is now four again.  The change is from older to 1 old (Hailey who is 13) to Lorrie and Sterling both 4 to Pierre who is 13 months old.
I have been having quite a writers block for sometime now.  So hopefully the block is gone.
Tell your people you love them.

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