Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Sunday Evening

About a month ago, Aug. 22, to be exact, I wrote about my friend's mother in law, taking a turn for the worse and the family was sitting vigil. She passed on today with her husband and two sons with her. This last month as been a very trying time for my friend and her family. Spending times at the nursing facility, raising a 4 year old, working and living has taken its toll on them. We move on with life now.
I am a firm believer that at these times, sometimes the dying person needs to hear it is ok to leave, that the family will be ok and that its time to leave. My friend did that for the mother in law today and I think it helped the mother in law pass on.

This has been a month of passing over. I sat with a good friend as his 13 year old lab was put to sleep. His vet was a kind, gentle and considerate woman. Her thoughtfulness helped ease my friends pain of losing his dog. I am so glad I could be there for him.
Love your people and your dogs.

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